Ask and ye shall find (next door)! A follow-up to “Hiking Wine”

Lillian here, in New York, feeling like a tool! So, those of you who follow us may know that, the other day, I wrote an adjuration for all single people, solo-dwellers, hikers and small-time winos to demand for the promulgation of more half-bottle wines of their vino. I appealed to normalize the usage of smaller bottles of wine in an effort to stop waste and also make wine more portable in some circumstances.

Well slap me upside the head and call me Gilbert, because it seems wine shops (including my local one) are ahead of me, and I failed to do my research before entreating blog-reading populations to join a bandwagon.

It fits in the hand like a...glove...?

It fits in the hand like a…glove…?

This evening, I went running and, as described in other posts, I felt like having a follow-up-to-exercise wine. I stopped into my wine shop across the street and picked up an 11-dollar Bordeaux Rouge. Upon reaching the counter, I mused and then inquired politely, “you guys wouldn’t know a place that sells smaller bottles of wine, would you?”

“Yeah! We carry some!”

I exclaim, “What! This is madness! Are you joking? All my life! Why have you been hiding this? Where on earth is it!” Alright, I didn’t say that out-loud, but I thought it vigorously as he lead me to the back and explained:

“We carry these. We used to carry cheaper bottles but people didn’t seem to want to spend the money, when a whole bottle was just 15. I don’t blame them. So anyways, we carry these which are quite good actually.”

I was ecstatic and embarrassed all at once. However, I very quickly overcame the latter reaction and went about choosing a bottle.

I settled upon the Pinot Noir, “Russian River Valley” (to keep in the hiking vein) (2012) from Kenwood vineyards, and proudly brought the Bordeaux alongside my adorable, handy half-wine to the counter. One more reason why I love In Vino Veritas.

Size difference between 750mL and my "half wine"

Size difference between 750mL and my “half wine”

There you have it, “half-wine” / “hiking-wine” / “solo-dwelling-wine” exists! If it was right next door to me, at my local (often-frequented) wine shop, it could be at yours too!

Wine vs glass size. 1.5 to 2 glasses in the bottle

Wine vs glass size. 1.5 to 2 glasses in the bottle

So ask and stock up for those nights you need just one (large) glass after your run (it’s good for that, according to my adored Dr. James Hamblin, afterall), or when you go on your next hiking or biking trip. Don’t be a tool like me, ask and ye shall find!



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