The Midwest


Lillian here,  to tell you all a bit about the Midwest. 

The Midwest is the “Midwestern” region of the United States consisting of selected states–the list of which is constantly up for debate amongst the population–that are generally grouped around, or at least near, the Great Lakes. US_map-Upper_Midwest

Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois are often considered the definitive proper Midwest, the sort of heart and soul of Midwest Culture. According to Wikipedia, we also have Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, North and South Dakota, and Kansas. I never really considered Kansas a part of the Midwest myself, but “Midwest Living” magazine includes it in their list, so I’ll acquiesce.

What’s the Culture of the Midwest?

Uff da! A big question there! Endless debates can be had. Just pick one of our great beers (Huffington Post once said we have some of the best in the world), or maybe a great Midwest wine (to be explored further), and you could talk about Midwest culture until the cows tip themselves.

In general, the Midwest is best known for its weather: bitingly cold winters; vibrant autumns; verdant springs (sorry can’t find a photo of that because this year it sounds like we didn’t even have this season); and festival-flushed summers. The Midwest is generally brimming with polite, friendly, down-to-earth and obliging people. Our early immigrant background is primarily Scandinavian, German and Polish (setting the tone for our culture of referencing trolls, eating Bratwurst, wearing flannel and drinking too much beer). However, we now claim a far more diverse population. In terms of historical industries, the Midwest is built on farming, mining, logging (lumberjacks), industry (cars etc), beer brewing (Bud, Miller, etc started in Wisconsin) and, just generally, going to bars.

Supposedly a hatchet crew from Niagra WI (I love lumberjacks)

Supposedly a hatchet crew from Niagra WI (I love lumberjacks)

If this doesn’t satisfy your intrigue, just do some searches on Pinterest about the Midwest and I think you’ll get the picture (pun definitely intended).

I am a particularly huge advocate of Wisconsin, and that will honestly be my focus here. I have a call-to-arms advocacy going for my home state, which I share graciously with all other Americans and far too many foreign peers and, not to mention, strangers. So, bear with me, Illinois…

This qualifies as your brief introduction to the Midwest. Plenty of posts on this blog will tangentially involve the Midwest experience and our culture, that’s certain. So get ready to have lots of wine and plenty of cheese(heads)!


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