Wisconsin Vintners Association

DSC02139The Wisconsin Vintners Association (WVA) came into existence in 1970 because a group of amateur winemakers thought it would be a good idea to have a meeting place for those interested in making and sharing this wonderful alcoholic beverage. Membership is open to anyone over 21 years who has an interest in winemaking.

WVA Glass logo2During our monthly meetings and special events held throughout the year, we provide our members the opportunity to explore the uniqueness of wines from around the world, scientifically learn how to test and assess wines, study the components and subtleties of creating fine wines and, most importantly, share this knowledge and fun with others.

Recently, WVA members have decided to use some of its modest monetary assets to help fund other Midwest-based groups that are similarly involved in education/grape growing/winemaking ventures.

The idea of “giving back” something substantial to like-minded wine lovers in the state and region was fueled by the realization that Wisconsin (and overall Midwest) winemaking is undergoing something that could potentially become a Renaissance of sorts; we wanted to be at the forefront in helping that development unfold.

In 2014 we donated funds to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to support their efforts in establishing a Fermented Beverage program within their Food Science Department. Likewise, we have earmarked funds to support viticulture experts at the University of Minnesota who have been engaged in longstanding efforts to propagate new cold-hardy grape varieties for winemaking.

It is our hope that in the coming years the WVA and its membership will continue to serve as a positive catalyst for winemaking innovations in the state and throughout the Midwest.



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