Why We’re Here


This blog is founded in curiosity and grows from constant inquiry. Join myself, an amateur winemaker in Wisconsin, and my daughter, an amateur winedrinker living in New York, as we discover wine.

My daughter persuaded me that there was some value in writing this blog, namely, the humble aim of making discussions on wine and winemaking accessible and fun for those who share our interests, or are merely curious.

This blog will cover a number of topics. We discuss all things wine and winemaking through the lens of psychology, the Midwest experience and everything in between. Why could winemaking be interesting to you?

The simple fact is that everything necessary to make wine is present in its raw material. This is why wine is known as the essential symbol of transformation, both physical and spiritual. The power and meaning of wine comes from nature and from a natural process, not from the winemaker. The role of the winemaker is to assist in transforming this raw material from what it was to what it will become, and that can be glorious if the proper care and attention and skill are applied. This is also what teaching and mentoring students and raising your own children are all about; a transformative process that one can take great pride in being a part of, feeling fortunate that one is allowed to be a change agent, while all the while recognizing that many things in this creative process are beyond your control.

To learn more about us, click here! To write to us about something we’ve posted or to suggest topics, please see below:

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